Play is governed by the Sporting News’ Official Baseball Rules. CBA Rule Exceptions (on right) are defined for each age division, by season (Spring or Fall).   These exceptions override the basic rules of baseball as defined in the Official Rules of Baseball Handbook.    Additional clarification and exceptions unique to Coppell Baseball Association are identified below:

1.      Time Limits:

1.1.   The starting time of the first game for a given day shall be delayed only for the arrival of the umpires (the clock starts for a 6:00 PM game at 6:00 PM, not when the umpire says "play ball").  Delays for warm?up and late arriving players will be "on the clock".  The start time for subsequent games will be no later than 10 minutes following the conclusion of the preceding game, or scheduled game time, whichever is later.  When time expires, the umpire will call “Time has expired”.  The inning will be completed, if required, except as noted in Rules Exceptions by Age Group (listed below):  



Blast ball and 5-6

1 Hour


1 Hour 15 Minutes


1 Hour 15 Minutes


1 Hour 30 Minutes


1 Hour 30 Minutes


1 Hour 40 Minutes

       1.2.   A maximum of two minutes will be allowed between half innings.

2.      Field Dimensions:


Age Base Paths Pitching Distance Programs
4U Blastball Blastball Recreational Only
5U 55' Tee Recreational Only
6U 55' Tee Recreational & Premier
7U 60' Coach Recreational & Premier
8U 60' Coach Recreational & Premier
9U 65' 46' Recreational & Premier
10U 65' 46' Recreational & Premier
11/12U 70' 50' Recreational & Premier
12/13U 80' 54' Premier Only
15-18U 90' 60' Premier Only


3.      Attire:

3.1.   No metal cleats will be worn.

3.2.   No jewelry, except that use to alert a medical condition, may be worn during a game.


4.      Coaches Responsibilities:

4.1.   All Defensive Coaches must remain in the dugout during play except as noted in Rules Exceptions by Age Group.  No more than four (4) coaches may be in the dugout during play.

4.2.   At least one adult, other than the head coach, must attend each practice.

4.3.   The home team is responsible for keeping the official scorebook and providing one adult to operate the scoreboard.


5.      Pre-game schedule will be as follows, as time permits:

5.1.   15 min prior to game time                                  Visiting Team Infield

5.2.   10 min prior to game time                                  Home Team Infield

5.3.   5 min prior to game time                                    Pre-game Meeting


See age specific rules for age exceptions.

General Baseball Rules

  1. At no time, under any condition, either in practice or league play, will vulgar language or any language that is not in the best interest of the boys and girls be allowed. Fighting, vandalism or continued disregarding of the league rules at the discretion of the league officials can result in the removal and/or suspension of the person or persons involved.
  2. At no time will candy, drinks or concession stand items be sold in the park except through the concession stand or under the direction of the Concession Stand Manager, as approved by the Board of Directors.
  3. At no time will practice be allowed on the MacArthur or Wagon Wheel facilities without prior approval by the League Official and the Board of Directors.
  4. Lightning Rule: Games will be delayed or postponed at discretion of baseball President or field duty personnel when lightning meter consistently reads 8-25 mile range.

Rules FAQ 
Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Baseball Rules. A good place to start.