In the Fall, all teams are chosen through a computer-generated draw. However, we do offer the option for a coach to build their own team (Blast ball - U8) or for players to request a buddy (blast ball and U6 divisions only). Forms. to participate in these options, are located in the section labeled forms under FAQ. 

In the Spring, Blast ball - U6 are chosen through a computer-generated draw; however, build your own team and pick a buddy options are available.  U7-U14 players are chosen through a coaches’ draft.  U7-U14 players will be asked to attend a “coaches look” tryout before being drafted to teams.  

CBA will hold a draft for the spring season only for the recreational league the week following coaches look.  If a player wants to be considered during the draft, they must attend the coaches look. If a player does not participate in coaches look, that player is placed in the "blind draft" where a coach can select them at random.  This is the only way this player can be selected.