Fall 2023 Field Duty Schedule



Home Team Responsibilities…

1st game…Home Team

  1. Home Team will open his field and get the score box.  To do this you will need to give the shift leader in the concession stand your drivers’ license and he/she will give you a key to open the field and give you a score box. 
  2. After opening the field you can return the key and get your license before your game even starts. 


Last game…Home Team

(Which in the Fall season you may be the 1st & last team)

  1. Lock up field.
  2. Return score box to the concession stand.


Field Duty…

  1. Check in with the concessions to sign in and leave your cell phone number.
  2. Open up bathrooms…keys located in the concessions.
  3. Grab a copy of the Field Duty responsibilities to familiarize yourself with the guidelines if you do not know them.
  4. If it is the 1st game of the day assist any coaches with any questions.
  5. If it is the last game of the day please make sure the coaches have locked up the fields and the score boxes are returned.  Please report unlocked fields and score boxes left out to the concessions.  Also, make sure to let concessions know you are leaving.